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The purpose of our community stabilization program is to provide direct healthcare to individuals experiencing an acute crisis of psychiatric nature that may jeopardize their current community living situation. Community Stabilization Services aims to assist individuals in a crisis situation to restore equilibrium to their biopsychosocial functioning and to minimize the potential for psychological trauma.

We focus on addressing the needs of individuals experiencing a crisis and who require immediate interventions by the mental health, social skills, and judicial system. Our services are significantly geared towards preventing and/or ameliorating a crisis that could result in psychiatric or inpatient hospitalization.

Individuals must meet at least ALL of the following criteria at the time of admission to the service:


  • The individual has experienced a recent behavioral health crisis (within 72 hours of admission) or the individual is transitioning from or at risk of a higher level of care and requires short-term support with identifying and engaging in the services necessary to maintain safety and stability in the community

  • Documentation indicates evidence that the individual meets criteria for a primary diagnosis consistent with the most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual;

  • There is evidence from the individual or collateral contact indicating at
    least one of the following is present:

    • High potential for crisis-cycling without this support;

    • Individual does not have the ability and/or the resources to support maintenance of safety and/or stability in the community until longer term services are available/accessible;

    • Individual has been engaged in alternative crisis services or treatment and no longer meets criteria for those services but continues to require community stabilization support;

  • The individual currently has moderate to high intensity behavioral and/or emotional needs and without intervention, will further interfere with their ability to function in at least one life domain: family, living situation, school, social, work or community.

Please contact us at 804-446-4706 to complete a prescreening or visit our referral page. We will respond to all submissions within 24 hours. 

Southern Change BHS
proudly accepts:

VA Community Care Network
Magellan Behavioral Health
Molina Complete Care
United Healthcare
Aetna Better Health
Sentara Health

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